from birth to death, they live in a world of eternal silence. They do not know any language, not even their mother-tongue. Self improvised and vague signs and gestures are their only means of self-expression and understanding others. Formal education, in their special institutions which can help tap residual faculties of hearing and impart a modicum of linguistic skills, is beyond the reach of over ninety nine percent of them, there being just five hundred odd schools for them in the whole of India. The three training institutes for adult deaf can only accommodate two hundred trainees at a time. Training available is generally in age-old trades, handcrafts and not all of them relevant today.
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KDAD is a Deaf led organisation. We promote the welfare and interests of Deaf people. We believe Deaf people should receive the same access and opportunities as hearing people. We support Deaf people to achieve independence and help them with understanding rights and finances. We provide employment and legal advice, and specialist support ........



The office bearers of Kozhikode district  Association of the Deaf is working hard to assist the Deaf to achieve a better quality of life and to enable them to integrate and contribute to society. Adv. Sri. Binoy Viswam, Sri. P. V. Gangadharan and Sri. P. K. Mamukoya are the Patrons of this organisation. Adv. Ratnakumar Mallissery is the President and....   


Temperory PH employees re appointed Govt: Oreder issued....The Right of Persons with Disabilities Bill
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Your generous support would bring us a step closer to sufficiently meet the needs of the less privileged Deaf's in Kozhikode and also to help them fulfill their aspirations.

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